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Ultrasonic Natural Gas Flow Meters for Custody and non-Custody Transfer Measurement

USM GT400 Ultrasonic Meter

The GT400 series is the high-end result of continuous product development of gas ultrasonic meter technology. Already with the market launch of the first RMG ultrasonic meter in 1999, the principle of 6-path measurement was applied for custody transfer metering. In the current 4th generation, this optimum measuring instrument is available for precise measurement of large flows at high pressures in pipelines and gas transfer stations.

  • 6-Path Measurement
    • X Pattern Horizontal Chordal Paths
  • Crossed Paths for Swirl compensation
  • Superior control valve noise immunity
  • Best transducer / electronics warranty in the industry.
  • Superior installation effects performance with 3D + CPA 55E.
  • Excellent linearity and low-flow performance
  • MID/PTB approved

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