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YZ Systems – DTEX Odorant Detection System

  • Odorant “sniff test” as outlined in ASTM D6273
  • Reduces operator interference
  • Logs up to 75 separate tests

PERC Odor Handy Plus Hand Held Odorant Instrument

  • Measures TBM and other mercaptans in your system
  • Ideal tool to use in pipeline conditioning projects where repeated tests are required.
  • Perfect to resolve conflicting % gas in air readings in areas
  • Unit captures all readings with date/time stamp. Host software available for data reporting/logging
  • Simple calibration procedure with gas/regulator package

PERC Odor Easy Odorant Monitor

  • Measure and output TBM and other mercaptans, providing real time odorant concentration in your gas stream via 4-20 mA output.
    • Automatic calibration sequence ensures analyzer accuracy over time.
    • The Odor Easy uses proven sensor technology in a package that affords maximum flexibility.
      • Stand alone
      • Portable, solar powered package
      • Temperature controlled with local display
  • Communication package available with web-based reporting