Natural Gas Chromatographs
Natural Gas Chromatographs

Natural Gas Chromatographs

The NGC 8200 series represents the most rugged, economical, versatile, and high-precision on-line gas chromatographs in the industry. Designed with flow computer and chromatograph capabilities for energy metering, the NGC 8200 series provides not only best-in-class, on-site analysis, but also offers a highly versatile platform that integrates many of the functions you need to deliver greater productivity.

NGC 8200 models provide accurate and reliable knowledge of gas composition and other vital parameters to ensure the quality of the product, and to determine precise quantity when transferring the product for sale. With its custody-transfer/metrology-quality chromatography, the NGC 8200 delivers all of the measurement information you need, including:

  • Relative density
  • Heating value
  • VOS (velocity of sound)
  • GPM (gallons of liquid per thousand cubic feet)
  • Wobbe index
  • HCDP (hydrocarbon dew point)
  • AGA8 compressibility calculations
  • H2S measurement

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