Air Pollution Controls

Bartlett Controls has an extensive history in the Air Pollution Control field. We believe in representing manufacturers who uphold our beliefs in quality, professionalism, and customer service. Contact us and let us help you in selecting the best product, from the best manufacturer, for your application.

Our Leader in Oxidation Technology

  • BioOxidation
  • Burners and Combusters
  • Flameless Thermal Oxidizers
  • Industrial Air Heaters
  • Packaged Combustion Systems
  • Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers

Scrubber Systems

  • Venturi and Cyclonic Scrubbers
  • Acid Gas Absorbers
  • WESP

MicroMist Scrubber Systems

  • MicroMist
  • VenturiPak
  • MercuryPak